don Oscar Miro-Quesada | kamasqa curandero

Humanly written, with humility and humor in equal measure, this book is an enchantingly eloquent unveiling of hands-on perennial wisdom, earth honoring ceremonial artistry and soul restorative personal revelation. I’m certain the living truth encountered within the pages of this remarkable book will undoubtedly prove to be a classic in the field of neo-shamanic earth literacy and contemporary ethnospiritual inquiry. Not only is Steve’s gift of storytelling on a par with the soul illuminating tales spoken by tribal wisdom keepers of time immemorial, his honestly transparent narrative style invites us to gain deeper insight into our personal struggles and existential challenges as vital preparation for walking more gently and lovingly as sacred passersby upon our Earth Mother, Gaia-Pachamama. A rare gift of inspirational word, illuminating vision and hands on cross-cultural shamanic ritual practice…a beacon of hope for all people called to embody a beauty walk of eco-spiritual healing presence on earth–highly recommended!”

Robyn Bridges | Former body-mind-spirit therapist, current author, teacher & speaker

Crisp, incisive, and illuminating, this handbook is a must read for anyone wanting to live their integrity and play in the magical power of the Universe. The teachings on the meaning and value of sacred reciprocity ring true. A timely and original book, compelling us to experience magic as the catalyst of a necessary inner and outer transformation.

Judy Steele | MTP, transpersonally-oriented life coach & counselor

In this book, Steve Guettermann has created a conceptual and energetic bridge from habitually hard-edged “thinking” to a heartfelt, fluid experience of sacred reciprocity, sacred space and ceremony. In addition to that very important contribution, he provides clear, insightful explanations and guidelines for creating sacred space, living with sacred reciprocity in an urban environment, being open to messages from the energetic world, staying non-attached, and much, much more. This could be a valuable training manual and handbook for apprentice shamans. It can also provide assistance for those who wish to improve their understanding of – and connection to – a path they are already on. This book would have been very helpful to me to provide context and to relieve overwhelm when I first jumped into the deep waters of ceremonial Peruvian shamanism years ago with no cultural, conceptual or heart-based understanding of what ceremony is all about. I feel this is an important contribution to the shamanic bookshelf, and I recommend it highly.

Beth Walden, Ph.D. | Photographer, student, teacher

This book can be read on multiple levels and provide something for everyone who is on the path, no matter how far along. That is one of the strengths of this book. Like photographers, no two readers will see the rich, detailed landscape of sacred living found in these pages the same or the same way with each reading. Like a landscape that can be viewed from many angles, in different seasons, this book, full of richness and a variety of colors, can be re-envisioned many times, and then reprocessed over and over. It bears multiple journeys to its heart.

Joe Lordi | Author and sometimes astrologer

On the road to spiritual enlightenment there are many turns. This wonderful book explores one man’s journey on such a quest. At the core of this journey, as with any spiritual journey, is the awareness of love – love, the highest and most precious of all virtues. The writing is clear and the wisdom gathered engaging. A wonderful read for the novice, as well as those who are already on their own personal journey toward enlightenment.

Yola Dunne | Author, healer, ceremonalist

This book beautifully addresses two of my favorite topics; sacred space and sacred reciprocity. The author has a unique and rare ability to bring profound hermetic wisdom in a language that most will understand and appreciate. Reading it infused me with a practical magic that immediately began to shape-shift my life. I recommend it to all those who are called to be conscious participants in the evolutionary journey of their soul, and that of humankind. Keep it nearby; you will want to refer to it often.

Ken Hall | Shamanic healer

On his “yellow brick road” Steve’s chronicle of his experiences and his eternal and internal wisdom mirror experiences specific to my quest that triggered awareness I had either forgotten or I had concealed in my personal and specific journey home to myself. Reading this book may well be the vitamins for which you search to sustain you to the next plateau for you and your spirit. I could feel, sense and taste passion and humility in Steve’s writing. Give it a go!