Judy Steele | MTP, transpersonally-oriented life coach & counselor

In this book, Steve Guettermann has created a conceptual and energetic bridge from habitually hard-edged “thinking” to a heartfelt, fluid experience of sacred reciprocity, sacred space and ceremony. In addition to that very important contribution, he provides clear, insightful explanations and guidelines for creating sacred space, living with sacred reciprocity in an urban environment, being open to messages from the energetic world, staying non-attached, and much, much more. This could be a valuable training manual and handbook for apprentice shamans. It can also provide assistance for those who wish to improve their understanding of – and connection to – a path they are already on. This book would have been very helpful to me to provide context and to relieve overwhelm when I first jumped into the deep waters of ceremonial Peruvian shamanism years ago with no cultural, conceptual or heart-based understanding of what ceremony is all about. I feel this is an important contribution to the shamanic bookshelf, and I recommend it highly.