don Oscar Miro-Quesada | kamasqa curandero

Humanly written, with humility and humor in equal measure, this book is an enchantingly eloquent unveiling of hands-on perennial wisdom, earth honoring ceremonial artistry and soul restorative personal revelation. I’m certain the living truth encountered within the pages of this remarkable book will undoubtedly prove to be a classic in the field of neo-shamanic earth literacy and contemporary ethnospiritual inquiry. Not only is Steve’s gift of storytelling on a par with the soul illuminating tales spoken by tribal wisdom keepers of time immemorial, his honestly transparent narrative style invites us to gain deeper insight into our personal struggles and existential challenges as vital preparation for walking more gently and lovingly as sacred passersby upon our Earth Mother, Gaia-Pachamama. A rare gift of inspirational word, illuminating vision and hands on cross-cultural shamanic ritual practice…a beacon of hope for all people called to embody a beauty walk of eco-spiritual healing presence on earth–highly recommended!”