Shamanic Services

Live Courses & Shamanic Services

For Groups

I am glad to speak to your group in person, demonstrate earth-honoring rituals and conduct some or all of the Befriending Sacred Space course in a condensed format, depending upon time and desire. Contact me to discuss specifics.

For Individuals

If you would like to work with me individually – remotely or in person – to find relief or insight into a personal situation you face, contact me. We can discuss if and how I can assist you through shamanic ritual and practice. If I cannot, I’ll likely refer you to someone else.

These sessions are designed to empower you, so need your active engagement. You will also receive followup suggestions to help you maximize what we’ve learned and experienced on your behalf.

A few testimonials…

“Steve Guettermann carries and invokes authentic shamanic healing energy. His training is vast and his approach is filled with well-schooled technique and genuine caring. His ceremonies and altars are the most powerful I have ever experienced, and I have done shamanic work myself. I have personally experienced his powerful approach on two occasions and have greatly benefitted. During the most recent ceremony he did for me, I could actually feel the Ancestors gathering around us and shifting my inner world and physical body. It was quite profound, and I felt its effects for many days afterwards. It continues to be a strong support. Steve’s heart and mind are so deeply connected to the spirit world and he has such great respect and rapport with the magic of the animal world that he is truly a rare find. If I were to study shamanism with anyone, I would completely trust Steve’s approach and training. He has studied with the best, himself, and real shamans are hard to find these days. Steve is humble, incredibly adept, and a vehicle of light in a darkened world. He is the real deal!”

             – Robyn Bridges | Author and retired transpersonal psychology therapist


“Steve has a keen ability to create sacred space for healing. He is able to combine his talents of playfulness, wisdom, and deep respect for the spiritual world into powerful movements of energy. His gentle way of combining sacred elements with ceremony, helped clear the negative energy from my world. With grace and dignity, he has a unique way of being able to usher in the unseen, to magically restore the balance. I highly recommend working with Steve.”

             -Anne Rockhold | World traveler and wilderness adept