Meditation & Human Energy Courses

Meditation & Personal Growth Classes

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These are key to personal growth, sacred living and planetary evolution!

The interest, as well as the need for, practical human energy knowledge, is astounding. By its very nature, human energy is “rooted” in earth and spirit. Engaging with sacred space and earth-honoring rituals harmonize human activities with those of the Planet. This triune relationship is often lacking in modern life because modern life can distract us from earth and spirit.

This distraction can manifest in many unhealthful and unhelpful ways. How it manifests often depends upon in what cycle of life we find ourselves. Yet, developing right relationship with earth, self and spirit is available to anyone. We are all likely born with it, but distraction and demand can hinder, fray and ultimately hide the bond. This can leave us with a nagging feeling that there has to be something more…

So the return quest for right relationship is a blend of discovery and remembering.

I try to help people with this by offering some of what’s been taught to me: earth-honoring ceremonies, befriending sacred space and “good medicine” pieces, and practical applications of compassionate intent and energy in concert with a community of like minded and “like-hearted” others.

Combined, these can help create a practice in which your imagination, intuition and relationships with people and all life on our planet harmoniously flourish. Paradoxically, life makes more sense, but is more mysterious, with the added magic this brings.

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