How to Get Even with the Universe by Getting Right with the World:
Working within Sacred Space and Time

What do many people want more of?

Love? Money? Family security?

how-to-get-even-coverSure. But as demands and overwhelm crowd in from all directions, more and more people answer this: Space. But not just any space. Sacred space. Everyone wants and deserves sacred space. Sacred Space is the Philosopher’s Stone.

How to Get Even with the Universe by Getting Right with the World: Working within Sacred Space and Time will help guide the reader through sacred space and time. It offers suggestions, explanations and exercises to help the reader create and work within sacred space to bring new energy and awareness to the Planet, and access greater creativity, intuition and nonordinary realities. Our experiences within sacred space can help us live in any moment, anywhere, more fully, as we bring greater connection and appreciation to current situations. It elevates our authenticity and relationships, and gives us a more positive and expansive view of the possibilities of reality.

Sacred space transforms the worrier into a warrior. It restores beauty and grace, which is our natural movement within the sea of seen and unseen realities. Sacred space offers a:

  • sanctuary from intrusion.
  • refuge of renewal and dreams.
  • crucible of alchemy.
  • playground of intuition and imagination.

Steve Guettermann DoorIt all starts with a thank you. When we offer thanks within sacred space for what we receive, the world gives something more in return. That something more is magic. Magic brings us…

  • peace
  • joy
  • pleasure
  • clarity on right action
  • belonging and connection with something greater than ourself
  • a path from worrier to warrior
  • and, it can bring true love and abundance.

Space was never the final frontier. Space is and always was the only frontier. It may be our greatest resource because it comes right from The Source.

When we approach our world through ceremony, the world takes notice. The intent of this book is to help the reader new to a spiritual path make sense of the energetic basics of creating and using sacred space. This book may also help the more advanced teacher or student guide others into creating that space. Through ceremonial interactions with and within the three dimensional sacred space of physical reality, we can access the fourth dimension of sacred spacetime and beyond.

For a sample from the book, click here.

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don Oscar Miro-Quesada | kamasqa curandero

Humanly written, with humility and humor in equal measure, this book is an enchantingly eloquent unveiling of hands-on perennial wisdom, earth honoring ceremonial artistry and soul restorative personal revelation. I’m certain the living truth encountered within the pages of this remarkable book will undoubtedly prove to be a classic in the field of neo-shamanic earth literacy and contemporary ethnospiritual inquiry. Not only is Steve’s gift of storytelling on a par with the soul illuminating tales spoken by tribal wisdom keepers of time immemorial, his honestly transparent narrative style invites us to gain deeper insight into our personal struggles and existential challenges as vital preparation for walking more gently and lovingly as sacred passersby upon our Earth Mother, Gaia-Pachamama. A rare gift of inspirational word…

Robyn Bridges | Former body-mind-spirit therapist, current author, teacher & speaker

Crisp, incisive, and illuminating, this handbook is a must read for anyone wanting to live their integrity and play in the magical power of the Universe. The teachings on the meaning and value of sacred reciprocity ring true. A timely and original book, compelling us to experience magic as the catalyst of a necessary inner and outer transformation.