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A World Without Magic?

The Wicked Witch of the West and Glenda, the Good Witch, square off, with Dorothy in the middle, in The Wizard of Oz.

During a recent lunar eclipse, I read an article that said something such as, " a world with so little magic, an eclipse is about as close as it comes."

I was appalled. Aghast. Mystified. Stunned. Has this person never experienced beauty? Or wonder? Has this person never experienced the ineffable, inexplicable, sublime or surreal? Or been to Kansas?

If "a world with so little magic" is the prevailing attitude towards Life, no wonder so many of us are stressed and unfulfilled. Magic is both the cornerstone and capstone of the human experience, in my humble opinion.

Below is a selection of published articles and videos. Each elucidates ways to become more intimate with what gives us life, and offers suggestions on how to live and love in a more magical world.


©Anaïs Nannini flickr via creative commons license. Sometimes kids are more shamanic than shamans!

A little girl shapes the planet.pdf

"Is it secret? Is it safe?" We often hold on to things that are Precious, which is another way to give our power away.

One Ring to Rule Them All.pdf

©Mark Fischer via flickr creative commons license. The three major pyramids in Giza, Egypt. From left to right, the Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Khufu (also known as The Great Pyramid).


©Beverly & Pack via flickr creative commons license. Brown bear (Ursus arctos) having fun.

Our Coming of Age Age.pdf

It Takes a Star(wo)man to Love the Planet.pdf Peruvian shaman/starman don Oscar Miro-Quesada in earth-honoring ceremony. Photo courtesy of Cindy Miro-Quesada

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©Anaïs Nannini via flickr creative commons license. A little girl shapes the planet. I seldom write an article and do a video on the same topic, but I did with this time. Hopefully you'll enjoy one or both!

There is a lot of incomplete information on the science and mechanics of breathing. This video discusses how the lungs work and how to maximize the amount of oxygen and energy pulled from every breath.

At about 10:05, I say the lower part of the lungs are the largest - and that's true - and most "oxygen-rich" part of the lungs. That's not true. What I meant to say is capillary-rich, not oxygen rich. I made this same mistake again at 16:42.

One other mistake I made is at 23:13. I said inhalation when I meant to say exhalation.

Here is the link to the brainwave frequencies table I promised.

I did this video after reading Paradise Lost. The vast majority of people like it. A few don't, mainly because they want me to say and do things differently.

I understand their point, but I did it this way for a reason. I hope you will try it. Let me know what think!

Some suggestions on purifying self, others, medicine pieces and sacred spaces.

What's an apacheta? I describe it in this video. I also discuss the importance of earth-honoring rituals, and how and why Earth Day can lead us to a more balanced and peaceful life through ritual, as well as bring more energy and healing to the Planet for all of us.

BTW, at about 3:25 I said, "astute personal loss..." I meant to say "acute personal loss."

A few suggestions – and a little demonstration – on how and why to bring authentic charisma to sacred space and ceremony.


To bolster my claim of being a "mythologist" (that actually is a word), I offer this talk I did at Bozeman's Ellen Theater. Of course, I'd like to do a few things differently, but overall I think it works. BTW, I have a very hard time standing at a podium, using a script. I prefer to wander and ad lib, but had to follow the program...

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