Befriending Sacred Space

with award-winning author, teacher and mythologist

Steve Guettermann

Explore a spiritual practice that enhances daily living and reduces turbulence

Befriend and use sacred space and good medicine* at home and in the world.


Steve has over thirty years of personal experience and tutelage with several prominent spiritual teachers, including Wallace Black Elk, Jack Schwarz, Lakota elder Jim Miller, and don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Each stressed practical application of the spiritual into daily life or, as don Oscar says, to grow “corn and potatoes.”



Steve carries this approach into his writing and teaching. Known for his wit and humor, as well as for original explanations and insights into spiritual and energetic concepts, Steve developed this course to integrate our boundless human potential with the immensity and promise of sacred space.





Befriending sacred space is a pragmatic spiritual practice. So, the intent of this 5-week course is to bring more positive, malleable energy to your life, as well as more positive energy and well-being to the Planet. Positive means:

     Evolutionary – creatively and responsibly builds upon the old

     Uplifting – while enabling our feet to be firmly on the ground

     Engaging – joyous expansions of interaction and service

     Appropriate – enhancing the highest good

     Useful – keeping it real in turbulent times

The challenge is to bring positive energy into play while being intimately involved with life’s demands, yet at the same time being non-attached to outcomes. Thus, each week’s class and follow-up medicine practice are designed to help bring more practical magic into your life. After each class, you will receive an email on medicine practice details of things to do before the next class.


So…what is sacred space?


Sacred Space is a portal, a vessel and a repository of energy, knowledge, wisdom and spiritual wealth. It is a shield, a tool, a healing space, an ally, a font of creativity, and an alchemical cauldron. It is a smithy of “creativity creating creation,” as Peruvian shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada says. It is an animated ally we nurture and nourish to become more intimate with what gives us life to live our highest purpose and greatest joys, and create balance with reciprocity. We live within it; it lives within us.



It’s really quite something.


With that said, this course is designed to help the person new to a spiritual path make sense of the energetic basics of creating and using sacred space and medicine pieces. It may also help the more advanced student or teacher guide others into creating sacred relationship, as its practices and explanations work well with yoga, meditation and other spiritual disciplines. Ultimately sacred space and your medicine pieces become teachers and companions.



Here’s what you get

Online Course Outline and Bonuses – Befriending Sacred Space


But first, Steve would like to say…




“Buying my latest book, How to Get Even with the Universe by Getting Right with the World: Working within Sacred Space and Time (whew ~ quite a mouthful!) is highly recommended, as some chapters provide a good background into our weekly sessions. Buy the book between now and January 24, 2018, and you will receive a $15 course discount. 





“Yet I want to stress Befriending Sacred Space is not a rehash of the book. The course is designed to impact the amount of positive energy you bring into the world in practical ways that produce conscious growth and enjoyment. It is also intended to provide the framework to help build your relationship with your own super intelligence, hidden wisdom and blossoming creativity.


“This course won’t give you those moments; but may provide the environment in which you can experience them. The class content, guided journeys, question and answer sessions, our Befriending Sacred Space Facebook group, weekly supportive medicine* practices and supplemental readings are designed to work synergistically to give you great understanding into a shapeshifting experiential connection of practical, earth-based magic and spirituality applicable to daily life.”

[*] Medicine ­– medicine is used in the generic indigenous way meaning benevolent energy.


Week 1– Creating sacred space

Overview – Preparing to practice through purification and ritual. Setting aside space and time to sit inside space and time to impact space and time.

Meditative journey – Directing Presence

Potential outcomes – Increase focus and amplitude; building relationship between you, your medicine piece(s), and the space you are in.

Question & Answer

Medicine Practices

1. Do the Directing Presence exercise at least once.

2. Add one or more medicine pieces to your sacred space/altar area.

Week 2– Reducing mixed messages

Overview – Few things drain our energy or cause confusion more than sending mixed messages and giving away our power. If we send mixed messages during a spiritual practice, our practice can become unfocused and mixed messages are what we get in return. To reduce mixed messages, we will refine and add to the energy balancing meditation from the week before.

Meditative Journey – Emanating Essence

Potential outcome – Reduce the mixed messages we send and receive; improve equanimity, clarity and focus. Strengthen authenticity.

Question & Answer

Medicine Practices

1. Refine the Directing Presence and Emanating Essence exercises.

2. Read: Mixed Messages and Paradoxes

Week 3– Befriending Our Lessons

Overview – There is relationship between letting go, also known as surrender, and nonattachment. It’s a paradox: we no longer give our power away when we surrender. Nonattachment, which is much different than detachment, makes unconditional love possible. Letting go amplifies the power of sacred space, allowing for unexpected outcomes past, present and future.

Meditative journey – Hitting the Cosmic Reset Button: the Meditative Daily Review

Potential outcome – Resetting the past; sweeping away daily debris.

Question & Answer

Medicine Practices

1. Read: Being Nonattached in a Connected Universe.

2. Practice the meditative Daily Preview and Daily Review.

Week 4– One with the World; at home in the Wild

Overview – For many of us, life is detached from the natural world and the consciousness of our planet. True Sacred Space requires a connection to the natural forces and beings that sustain us. Experiencing the natural world leads to humility, awe, vivacity and health, in a word, happiness.

Meditative journey – Day and Night

Potential outcome – Strengthen relationship with the natural world, seen and unseen

Question & Answer

Medicine Practice

1. Getting to know a tree relative


Week 5– Disciplined Imagination

Overview – Imagination creates and has created the physical laws we live by. Within the context of these laws, just how limited or unlimited are we? Anyone who claims s/he can help you “reach your full potential” likely sees you as being limited and/or doesn’t know what s/he is talking about. The fact is, we can always do and be something more. Sacred space is a potential catalyst.

Medicine journey – The medicine behind the medicine.

Potential outcome – You won’t reach your potential any time soon…

Question & Answer

Medicine Practice

1. Invitation into the Unlimited practice

2. Read: Disciplined Imagination and The Imagination – Intuition Conundrum

Week 6– Bonus: Live Question and Answer

Overview – With the course complete, students may have lingering questions on integrating these practices, course content or next steps. Steve will do his best to answer those questions. Students are also encouraged to share comments.


Each week’s class will be a minimum of 60 minutes long; usually longer depending on questions. When you enroll in Befriending Sacred Space, you will receive several bonuses. They complement the program with more content and ways to enrich your experience with sacred space and time.


A few testimonials…


“Steve Guettermann carries and invokes authentic shamanic healing energy. His training is vast and his approach is filled with well-schooled technique and genuine caring. His ceremonies and altars are the most powerful I have ever experienced, and I have done shamanic work myself. I have personally experienced his powerful approach on two occasions and have greatly benefitted. During the most recent ceremony he did for me, I could actually feel the Ancestors gathering around us and shifting my inner world and physical body. It was quite profound, and I felt its effects for many days afterwards. It continues to be a strong support. Steve’s heart and mind are so deeply connected to the spirit world and he has such great respect and rapport with the magic of the animal world that he is truly a rare find. If I were to study shamanism with anyone, I would completely trust Steve’s approach and training. He has studied with the best, himself, and real shamans are hard to find these days. Steve is humble, incredibly adept, and a vehicle of light in a darkened world. He is the real deal!”

             – Robyn Bridges | Author and retired transpersonal psychology therapist


“Steve has a keen ability to create sacred space for healing. He is able to combine his talents of playfulness, wisdom, and deep respect for the spiritual world into powerful movements of energy. His gentle way of combining sacred elements with ceremony, helped clear the negative energy from my world. With grace and dignity, he has a unique way of being able to usher in the unseen, to magically restore the balance. I highly recommend working with Steve.”

             -Anne Rockhold | World traveler and wilderness adept


“Not only is Steve Guettermann’s gift of storytelling on a par with the soul illuminating tales spoken by tribal wisdom keepers of time immemorial, his honestly transparent style invites us to gain deeper insight into our personal struggles and existential challenges as vital preparation for walking more gently and lovingly as sacred passerby upon our Earth Mother, Gaia-Pachamama. [His book] How to Get Even with the Universe by Getting Right with the World: Working within Sacred Space and Time, is a rare gift of inspirational word, illuminating vision and hands on cross-cultural shamanic ritual practice…a beacon of hope for all people called to embody a beauty walk of eco-spiritual healing presence on earth–highly recommended!”

              -don Oscar Miro-Quesada | kamasqa curandero


Here is the total course and bonus package


  Five week online Befriending Sacred Space training; includes recordings – $199

  Weekly follow-up medicine practices and resources – $99

  Six weeks of support via our private Befriending Sacred Space Facebook group – $99

  Bonus week Question and Answer and surprise course-ending gift – $49

  Four downloadable guided meditations with breathing exercises – $99

  Downloadable 12-month inspirational pdf 2018 calendar – $9

Total – $554


However, from now through February 1, 2018, if you also buy the book How to Get Even with the Universe by Getting Right with the World: Working within Sacred Space and Time, available exclusively at, your investment is only $49. That’s it! After February 1st, the cost goes up to $64….



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